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SBG Technologies offers a free one-hour consultation session on your network infrastructure. Will your business benefit from our product and services?

Our free one-hour consultation process helps to ensure SBG Technologies business and service offerings will be a good match for the client needs and future business objectives.

Matching our clients needs with our business and service offerings sets the foundation  for establishing a solid business relationship, which is of utmost importance to us.

SBG Technologies operates as a business partner with its clients, focusing on ensuring the voice and data technology infrastructure are reliable tools assisting the grow of the customer business enterprise.

Network Infrastructure Report

Over the years after a network is built,  many changes are made; computers and software are added and removed; network jacks relocated; personnel changes occur from time to time. Is the system configuration accurately documented after all the changes? Are all software licenses available? Do you know exactly what software is running your corporate computer?

SBG Technologies offers an Audit Service to accurately document the entire network infrastructure. We will examine each computer, peripheral and the cabling system. We compile the data into a comprehensive report detailing make and model number of each piece of hardware; quantity and license key for each application and operating system installed on each computer. We make recommendations for improvements to the network and provide the customer with accurate information on software licensing.

Our report will ensure the customer complies with licensing requirements for each piece of software, thereby avoiding piracy issues.

Our fees depend on the size of the network. Our policy is to refund the Network Infrastructure Report fees if the customer accepts, and uses SBG Technologies to implement,  all our recommendations. 

No-Charge, Hassle-Free Consultation

In order to understand what your needs are now, and what they will be in the future, we will come out and look at your current infrastructure;  learn what your needs are and what they will be down the road; inspect your current hardware and software. Our team will then put together a complete plan that will be reliable and expandable with the best fit possible for your business. 

NO CHARGE! for one hour of our time

This consultation will us to demonstrate our expertise and allow you to meet our friendly, courteous and professional sales and technical representative.


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